Management team

Gennarino Tozzi

Gennarino Tozzi holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Rome and has a broad experience in the field of infrastructures. He has served as General Manager, CEO and Chairman of several construction companies, as Gambogi, Società Condotte d'Acqua e Todini Costruzioni Generali. He joined Autostrade per l'Italia as Head of New Projects in 2003 then he was appointed as Operations Director Infrastructure Development and Joint Chief Operating Infrastructure Development. Since December 2013, he is director in some Group subsidiaries. He holds the position of Head of Infrastructures of the holding company Atlantia. From March 2015 he is also the Chairman of Pavimental S.p.A.

Franco Tolentino
Chief Executive Officer

A civil engineer M. ASCE, he has been CEO of Pavimental since May 2010. He joined the Autostrade Group in 1983 and over the years has held positions in ever-increasing responsibility, specifically as Project Manager for important works on national motorways. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of SPEA, the Group's engineering services company. CEO of SAT Lavori, company in charge of the construction of the Livorno-Civitavecchia motorway, and President of the Consorzio Co.Im.A., established in conjunction with Pavimental, Pavimental Polska Sp.zo.o. and Autostrade Tech S.p.A..

Vito Mangano
General Manager / Human Resources, Organization and IT Manager

From September 2015 Vito Mangano is the General Manager of Pavimental S.p.A. He has a degree in Political Science and an MBA. From 1994 to 1998 he worked in Human Resources Department of Alitalia. Over time, he has held more senior positions also in operating departments and he has been involved in activities with direct impact on quality service. In 2004 he holds the position of Human Resources and Organizational Development of Alitalia Group. In 2007 he was appointed as CEO of Alitalia Airport (a handling provider for domestic and international airports) and in 2009 he served as Human Resources and Quality Manager of Aeroporti di Roma.
Additionally, from October 2015, he is HR, Organization and IT Manager of Pavimental S.p.A.

Alfredo Cullaciati
Head of Infrastructure Centre & South Italy

As Chief Engineer, he has managed Pavimental's infrastructural contracts in the East of Italy since 2009. He has over thirty years experience, first as a Project Manager and then as Chief Engineer for leading construction companies such as Rodio S.p.A., Cossi Costruzioni and Italtunnel, overseeing contracts both in Italy and abroad (Great Britain). He is a civil engineer specialising in hydraulics. From July 2013 he is responsible for Pavimental's infrastructural contracts in the Centre & South Italy.

Mauro Martinelli
Head of Maintenance, Extra pavement and Airport Works

He has worked for Pavimental since 1998. He is the Head of Infrastructure for Centre & South Italy and ordinary maintenance for the entire network. He is also in charge of Pavimental's airport works and noise reduction works and renovation of the side barriers on the motorway. After obtaining his degree in geotechnics, he worked for construction companies such as Rizzani De Eccher S.p.A. and Schiavo Costruzioni S.p.A.

Arturo Sertori
Head of Infrastructure North Italy

A civil engineer specialising in mechanical engineering, Mr. Sertori joined the Autostrade Group in 2003 in the role of Pavimental's Head of Infrastructure North Italy. Over the years, in the roles of Project Manager and Chief Engineer, he has managed important works on behalf of Italstrade S.p.A., where he worked for approximately 20 years, both in Italy and abroad (Kuwait, Iran), Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.A., and Cossi Costruzioni S.p.A..

Alberto Di Bartolomeo
Head of Acoustic Renovation

Civil engineer specialising in Transport, he has worked for Pavimental since 1993. He has been the Head of Noise Reduction on the motorway network since 2012.
Previously, as Site Manager, he oversaw numerous important infrastructural contracts: expansion of motorway carriageways, construction of ramps and restructuring of viaducts, and airport works in the main Italian airports.

Simone Bontempo
Responsible of Purchasing and Legal Departments, Environment and Safety Manager

Graduated in Economics, he has professional qualifications as business consultant and accounting auditor. He worked for 11 years in accounting firms (Arthur Andersen, KPMG). He joined the Autostrade Group in 2006. Until February 2015 he was Responsabile of Internal Audit and member of the Compliance Committees of Atlantia and Autostrade per l’Italia.
In March 2015 he he has become Responsible of Purchasing and Legal Departments and Environment and Safety Manager of Pavimental S.p.A.

Aquilino Panone
Chief Financial Officer

Graduated in Economics, he worked in Autostrade since 1988, in Budget Office, Cost Control Unit and Finance Area, with specific responsibilities in preparing annual financial statement of Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. From 2005 to September 2013 he was Administrative Manager of the subsidiaries. In October 2013 he has become Chief Financial Officer of Pavimental S.p.A.