How we work

Pavimental's operational model has been designed to fully meet the requirements of the works to be executed throughout a geographical area with "difficult" morphology and high levels of urbanisation. Our strength is our ability to:

  • Effectively govern all the preliminary and execution phases of highly complex works under highly critical traffic conditions
  • Minimise difficulties for users, promptly taking action with quick execution, proven by the fact that works are often completed in advance of the schedule set by contract
  • Guarantee the utmost efficiency of works under all weather conditions, day or night, throughout the entire motorway network, due to a reliable organisation spread throughout the country

Delivery Systems

Pavimental acts as a Contractor, directly executing specialised works. In 2017 it obtained the new SOA certificate of Qualification to Execute Public Works*, which covers 20 categories of certified works. With this certification, the company is confirmed as authorized to "Design and Construction Services" up to Class VIII (unlimited).
Download the certificate in pdf

As the majority stakeholder of Consorzio Stabile Co.Im.A. – Costruzioni Impianti Autostradali - established in conjunction with Autostrade Tech S.p.A. and Pavimental Polska Sp.z o.o., Pavimental is able to improve participation in public tenders, also as a result of its General Contractor** accreditation issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for Category I (amounts up to €350 million).
Download the certificate in pdf

As a result of Pavimental's extensive skill in execution, it offers integrated solutions to meet all types of Customers' needs, organising and coordinating local and international networks of suppliers and companies.

Due to the fact that it belongs to the Atlantia Group, Pavimental has the opportunity to exploit a network of top level companies, such as:

* SOA Certification is a mandatory certificate (issued by the independent authorised Certifying Bodies) which provides proof of a company's financial and technical capacity to be qualified to execute public tenders for works amounting to more than €150,000.00, and also confirms that the certified party meets all the requisites for contracting with the public authorities.

** General Contractor: concept introduced by the so-called "Legge Obiettivo", Law no. 443 of 21/12/2001. The General Contractor is the party in charge of global execution of the works, which is fully liable for such works. The General Contractor takes on all of the financial risks of the works and undertakes to guarantee the execution thereof according to the set schedule, using the set methods and materials.